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Jamie Dew - Founder, Dewvre Podcasts; Director and Producer of The Duel of the Fates Podcast

Working with Casey on the Duel of the Fates project was truly a wonderful experience. His knowledge, passion and meticulousness helped to ensure that the podcast stood out from the crowd. While I was thrilled with what he was able to accomplish on such tight schedule, it was his ability to become a partner in the task that was most helpful. His knowledge of Studio One (v5) to mix and then master the project pushed it over the top. I will with Casey again in the future without question.

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Dan Gorman - Co-Founder of Modern Superior, Founder of The Discover Tab; Host of Ball Busters, Hoser Horror

Casey Lyons's subversion of expectations and clever use of melody and hooks creates an addictive brew; he creates an engaging atmosphere containing subtle textural depths which allows his music to play with conventions.

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Greg LeGros - Co-Founder of Modern Superior Podcasting Company; Co-Host of See You Next Wednesday, Time Bandits

Casey has proven to be a very flexible composer with a distinctive style, blending sound design and symphonic arrangements into coherent pieces that always have an interesting edge to them and understands perfectly how to get the best out of every project with his music. His high-quality compositions are capable of being both recognizable and unique. His intuitive sound work can embrace the action of a scene to help amplify the impact and significance being developed at each moment.

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